Q: Skinny girls or thicker girls?



Man, you people never ask the right questions.

You have to give me more than one girl is thin, the other is curvy.

Does the skinny girl have a love affair with high waisted jeans and large sunglasses because they make her feel powerful?

Does the curvier girl wear lipstick so red you can’t help but wonder if it’s made from the blood of her enemies?

Does the skinnier girl text you at ungodly hours because somehow when the lights go out and the world goes to sleep you somehow manage to float around and be bright and alive in her mind?

Does the curvier girl have a loud, intoxicating laugh that fills every room with an overwhelming sense of joy and a smile that you’re certain could lure men to their deaths if she wanted to do so?

I don’t care about body type. Some women I’ve dated were thin and slender, some had hourglass figures and asses that wouldn’t quit.

Don’t ask me about what body type I prefer.

Tell me about whether or not the skinnier girl has the kind of eyes that give away a feeling of sincerity so genuine that you can’t help but feel everything she’s saying.

Tell me about how the curvier girl has dreamt of being a singer since she was 8 years old and is only now going after it.

You people never ask the right questions.


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